Garden Fencing services - Feather edged or panels...

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We provide a full range of garden fencing services, including maintenance to installation and supply of the fence panels themselves at better than trade price. We repair fences and offer a full fencing services from installation of new fence panels, posts to gravel boards. The most common types of fencing work we undertake in Cardiff and what is available.


These are generally;

Overlap Panel Fencing (horizontal panels)

6 foot wide sections varying from 2 feet in height up to 6 feet high . The majority of garden fencing is in this style

Featheredge Panel Fencing (vertical panels) 

The same size panels, only slightly more expensive, decorative and heavy duty- becoming increasingly popular. Available in a choice of dark or light wood to suit your garden.


If you are thinking about renovating your garden or revitalising your view from your kitchen then consider our garden fencing service.

Our panel fences are built to last and we recommend concrete posts and gravel boards.  We remove and dispose of old fences and hedgerows inclusive of our costs. Our timber products come dip treated as standard.


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